Meet Benny

Benjamin Michael Gough was born on January 15, 2021. For the first few months of his life all he did was scowl. His eyebrows couldn't get more furrowed! He always looked like he was concentrating, like he was trying to take in the world and everything around him. So observant - just like his Dad. Now, at eight months old he is the happiest little man! Benny, or Monkey as we lovingly call him, loves to smile and babble. He's not quite crawling but if he wants to go somewhere he can get there by "inchworming" his way. He loves to inchworm his way over to the bookshelf in his room and pull out alll of the books and flip the pages as fast as he can. Our days are full of reading, playing, laughing, and singing. It's so much fun staying home with my Monkey!